Black Pewter Mojave GHI Orange Ghost, 2018, Male


Black Pastel Mojave, 2018, Female

Coming Soon

Piebald, 2018, Male


Lace Black Back Albino, 2017, Female


Albino Het Piebald Female


Desert Ghost Pos Het OG, 2017, Male/Female


Pastel Enchi Het Orange Ghost, 2017, Male


Disco Fire, 2018

Coming Soon

 Toffino Lesser, 2017,    $1500

Toffino Lesser, 2017, 


Banana Clown, 2016, Male


Pastel Albino Lesser


Toffino Orange Ghost, It has taken a while for this guys colour to come through, but I am certain he is an Orange Ghost Toffino. Super Excited for this. Can't believe I almost sold him. That will make him a worlds first:) Keeping him now:)


Pastel Champagne HRA, 2017, Male


 Black Pewter GHI Orange Ghost, 2018, male  Coming Soon

Black Pewter GHI Orange Ghost, 2018, male

Coming Soon

HIgh Contrast Albino, 2017, 

$ 450

Het Desert Ghost Pos Het OG, 2017, Female


Caramel Pastel Lesser, 2017, Male


Super Pastel HOG, Het Red Axanthic female, crazy belly scales.

SALE $250

Banana Lesser Super Pastel Orange Ghost, male 2017


Green ghost Rider, male, worlds first


Pastave Orange Ghost, Male


Pastel Lesser, female, really reduced pattern, super bright


Package Deal Proven Breeder Double Het Albino Pied Female, paired with a Prove Breeder Albino Het Pied Male