Albino Piebald Female, this male Pied is SOLD. 

Female $1700,

Lace Black Back Albino, 2017, Female


Albino Het Piebald Female


Desert Ghost Pos Het OG, 2017, Male/Female


Spider Desert Ghost, male, late 2017


Banana Lesser Super Pastel Orange Ghost, male 2017


Toffino Orange Ghost, It has taken a while for this guys colour to come through, but I am certain he is an Orange Ghost Toffino. Super Excited for this. Can't believe I almost sold him. That will make him a worlds first:) Keeping him now:)


Pastel Enchi Het Orange Ghost, 2017, Male


Pastel Champagne HRA, 2017, Male


 Toffino Lesser, 2017,    $1500

Toffino Lesser, 2017, 


Banana Clown, 2016, Male


Pastel Enchi Orange Ghost, 2017, Male


Pastel Albino Lesser


HIgh Contrast Albino, 2017, 

$ 450

Piebald Het Albino male, (can come with Double Het Albino Piebald Female hatchling for FREE, Pair $750)


Het Desert Ghost Pos Het OG, 2017, Female


Caramel Pastel Lesser, 2017, Male


Bumblebee Het Desert Ghost Male


Super Pastel HOG, Het Red Axanthic female, crazy belly scales.

SALE $250

Pastave Orange Ghost, Male


Green ghost Rider, male, worlds first


Package Deal Proven Breeder Double Het Albino Pied Female, paired with a Prove Breeder Albino Het Pied Male


Pastel Lesser, female, really reduced pattern, super bright