Mice Frozen

Pinky(0.5-3) $0.75  

Fuzzy(3-6) $0.85

Hopper(7-12) $1.00

Weaned(13-18) $1.10

Adult(19-29) $1.25


    XL Jumbo(40+)$1.75



Pinky $0.80

Fuzzy $1.00

Hopper $1.25

Weaned $1.50

Adult $2.00

Jumbo $3.00

XL Jumbo $3.25


We have fancy mice that make great pets. Pets start at $5 and go up depending on the morph. We have white/black, piebalds, foxes, tricolour, splash, etc. Colonies are special order, please ask for pricing.

We are located in Canada and at this time do not offer live rodent shipments Internationally!